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RunGE XPAC 7.5

RunGE XPAC 7.5 is a business focused mine scheduling application, developed specifically for forecasting, reserve estimation and mine scheduling management.



XPAC Underground Coal


XPAC Underground Coal is designed specifically for reserve analysis, mine design, production and resource scheduling for underground coal mines

XPAC AutoScheduler

XPAC AutoScheduler is a unique software application that uses specified rules and constraints combined with mining objectives, to develop the most efficient schedule. This program enables the user to follow a simple three step process to accurately determine the best schedule for their operation.

XPAC Open-Cut Design

The XPAC Open-cut Design module provides a simple, easy to use, design and reserving system for open-cut coal deposits. This module, combined with XPAC, can be applied to the modelling of vertical batter blocks.

XPAC Advanced Destination Scheduler

The XPAC Advanced Destination Scheduler provides a solution for excavated material placement. This module models excavation logistics for mines and efficient placement of excavated material.

Navigate — an XPAC module

Navigate, a module of XPAC, tightly integrates the power of XPAC with a systematic approach to mine planning and scheduling. Using intelligent technology, Navigate improves productivity by directly reducing rework and duplication, and by streamlining the management of repetitive processes.

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