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RunGE Talpac 8.0

TALPAC 8.0 is a software system that is used for determining the productivity and economics of truck and loader haulage systems, using logic that models real haulage situations. TALPAC allows the study of most factors affecting productivity and the sensitivity of productivity to these factors.
<!–kadov_tag{{}}–>Within TALPAC, you specify the haul route the truck is to operate over, which truck or group of trucks is to be used, the loading unit to be used and the operating limitations (eg. speed limits, surface conditions, etc). <!–kadov_tag{{}}–> <!–kadov_tag{{}}–>You also specify the loading strategy, material characteristics and work roster applicable to the fleet.
<!–kadov_tag{{}}–>TALPAC takes this raw data and performs a number of functions on it, including production analysis, loading analysis, discounted cost analysis and optimisation of fleet size, motor power, payload, etc.

product:RunGE Talpac 8.0