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Synopsys CoCentric System Studio(CSS) 2009.03 Linux

OVAs provide language capabilities to build and reuse libraries of pre-built assertions. This macro capability
provides a mechanism to build a reusable library of assertions, which can be shared within groups or among
the OpenVera community. With a library of assertions, designers will be able to reuse the prior specifications
and raise the level of abstraction of the specification.
OVAs are part of the OpenVera open source standard. The open source model has been demonstrated to
provide a path for fast time to market with innovation and contribution from multiple sources.
OVAs Features
OVAs are declarative with semantics that are formally based on the theories of regular expression and linear
temporal logic. These two theories provide a powerful combination for expressing common hardware activities,
such as sequencing, invariants and finite state machine operations.
OVAs are implicitly and concurrently evaluated during all of verification. In dynamic verification, the assertions
would be evaluated continuously. Each assertion is evaluated at every time step and its status is updated
by the state of simulation. If an assertion completes, then its result can be logged and displayed in a GUI
environment. With this implicit evaluation, any overhead of starting, processing and evaluating assertions is
a natural feature and does not require any action by the user.
product:Synopsys CoCentric System Studio(CSS) 2009.03 Linux