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Maptek Vulcan 7.0 SP4

Maptek Vulcan is the leading 3D modelling and mine planning software for the mining industry, with more than 4000 licences installed at 800 sites worldwide.

Vulcan is applicable to all situations involving spatial modelling and analysis, in fields ranging from mining to environmental management and civil engineering. Vulcan features comprehensive data analysis and grade estimation, fast generation of large, multi-variable block models, dynamic visualisation and interrogation of structural data.

Vulcan Version 7.0 SP4 was released to clients in November 2007 following a comprehensive development phase and rigorous software testing.

Version 7.0 includes new modules for oil sands operations, upgrades to open pit and coal menus, direct import of DWG files, enhanced capacity to store metadata with design objects and compatibility with the Vista operating system. New tools have been added for automatic ramp generation, advanced reserving, stratigraphic applications, grade control, optimisation and scheduling.

Product:Maptek Vulcan 7.0 SP4