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Synopsys Vera 2007.12 Linux

Current Activities
As an extension of the worldwide VERA R&D team, the Synopsys India VERA group is responsible for the development of standalone VERA tools and enhancements to the VERA language. It is also involved in various VERA integration projects including those with third party tools. The team\’s mission is centered on making ongoing key R&D contributions to the VERA product.

Job Responsibilities
The VERA R&D team works on technologies and products in the area of functional verification. Specific projects include design and development in: compilers, data structures, algorithms in support of the VERA runtime library, interfaces between VERA and 3rd party simulation tools, and GUIs.

Job Requirements
An ideal candidate desirous of working in this area should have experience in developing and maintaining complex software systems in C or C++. Proficiency in designing data structures and complex algorithms and in the use of software engineering principles is expected. Ability to produce high quality, high performance, and maintainable software that implements specifications are desired. Participation in project specification practicing sound software engineering methodologies, adhering to software development standards are essential. To Communicate and cooperate effectively with members of the team including other S/W engineers, customer support, and marketing is essential.
product:Synopsys Vera 2007.12 Linux