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Synopsys Virtio innovator 2007.06

:::::English Description::::::

Innovator is a powerful, fully integrated tool environment for developing, running and debugging virtual platforms. It comes with full SystemC™ (IEEE 1666) support. Its main components are:

  • Schematic system editor, to instantiate, configure and connect IP model components to rapidly build Virtual Platforms
  • Language Editor, to interactively describe behavior of hardware component using a combination of graphical system constructs and ANSI C and SystemC
  • Design Browsers, to quickly reconfigure IP components, to edit run-time scripts and to explore the system connectivity
  • Library Manager, to manage and explore re-usable model libraries
  • Code Generation, to generate optimized C++ code for the graphical language front-end and to seamlessly invoke host compilers to compile the Virtual Platform
  • Hardware debugger, to take run-time control over the target and support system tracing features like hardware breakpoint and single-stepping
  • Skin Editor, allowing to interactively compose a user interface by dragging-and-dropping user interface elements from a rich UI library

 Innovator is available as a full developer s license, for customers who want to create their own transaction-level models (TLMs) and/or assemble/modify virtual platforms. Innovator RT is a runtime license that allows software developers to execute virtual platforms that have been created with Innovator.

product:Synopsys Virtio innovator 2007.06