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Synopsys ISE TCAD 10.0

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Synopsys Technology Computer Aided Design (TCAD) offers a comprehensive suite of products that includes the industry leading process and device simulation tools, as well as a powerful GUI-driven simulation environment for managing simulation tasks and analyzing simulation results. The Synopsys TCAD process and device simulation tools support a broad range of applications such as CMOS, power, memory, optoelectronics, analog/RF and laser. In addition, Synopsys TCAD provides tools for interconnect modeling and extraction, providing critical parasitic information for optimizing chip performance.

TCAD for Manufacturing (TFM)
The Sentaurus TFM suite, which includes PCM Studio and PCM Library, provides a powerful environment for capturing multivariate process杁evice朿ircuit relationships in process compact models (PCMs), allowing a fast turnaround for identifying and analyzing factors that cause parametric yield loss in manufacturing. Derived from systematic TCAD simulations, PCMs encapsulate relationships between process variations and device朿ircuit performance through a set of analytic functions.

Process-aware Design for Manufacturing (PA-DFM)
The Synopsys PA-DFM product family addresses the two major sources of variability in a design ?one arising from stress proximity effects and the second from the spread of manufacturing process parameters across different die ?and utilizes accurate physical models of the manufacturing process. The PA-DFM product family抯 core products ? Seismos and Paramos ? enable designers to account correctly for manufacturing variability without major changes to the current design verification flow.

Calibration & Services
Synopsys TCAD Consulting & Engineering (C&E) Services is dedicated to helping you get the most from your Technology CAD investment and achieving success with your mission critical projects. Your revenue and customer satisfaction are directly tied to the high yield and reliability of your products. With today抯 highly complex semiconductor development and manufacturing processes, establishing new technologies and producing high yielding products can be a daunting challenge. Access to ever more diversified technical expertise and highly skilled and specialized engineers is essential to ensure successful development of new technologies, as well as achieve high yield and meet time-to-market constraints. TCAD C&E Services complements your in-house TCAD engineering capabilities with the support you demand to drive superior technology development and optimization, thereby increasing productivity and yield, which has a direct impact on your company抯 bottom-line and profitability. Our mission is to ensure your success in developing superior semiconductor processes and devices by enhancing your TCAD capabilities and solving your technology challenges, so you can focus on your core business and get the maximum value from your TCAD investment.

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