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FLEXIBLEFLAC3D is a continuum code that is used in analysis, testing, and design by geotechnical, civil, and mining engineers. FLAC3D has a large range of application because its analytical potential is not limited to a particular problem definition or type of analysis. FLAC3D is designed to accommodate any kind of geo-technical engineering project where continuum analysis is necessary.POWERFULFLAC3D is an accurate and efficient geotechnical analysis tool that utilizes an explicit finite difference formulation. FLAC3D can model a number of complex behaviors not readily suited to FEM codes, such as: problems that consist of several stages, large displacements and strains, non-linear material behavior and unstable systems (even cases of yield/failure over large areas, or total collapse).FASTFLAC3D operates under all Windows platforms, with command mode operation available in a standard output window. FLAC3D provides built-in primitive shapes and rapid, high resolution graphics capabilities to expedite the modeling process. Solution parameters may be specified by the user, maximizing the user’s control over the duration, length, and efficiency of the model run. Additional control and customization are available to the user through FLAC3D‘s powerful built-in programming language, FISH.PROVENFLAC3D has been available for over seven years, used by engineers, consultants, and in university teaching and research. FLAC3D is currently licensed to more than 500 users in over 42 countries — making it one of the most widely used three-dimensional numerical modeling tools for geotechnical analysis in the world.
Product:ITASCA FLAC3D 3.0.261