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3DEC (3-Dimensional Distinct Element Code) is the three-dimensional extension of Itasca‘s two-dimensional code UDEC. It is specifically designed for simulating either the quasi-static or dynamic response to loading of rock media containing multiple, intersecting joint structures. Main Features Simulation of large displacements (slip and opening) along distinct surfaces in a discontinuous medium Discontinuous medium treated as an assemblage of discrete polyhedra Discontinuities treated as boundary conditions between blocks Relative motion along discontinuities governed by linear and non-linear force-displacement relations for movement in both the normal and shear directions Explicit solution scheme, giving a stable solution to unstable physical processes Rigid or deformable blocks Library of material models for deformable blocks and for discontinuities Null blocks for excavation and nonlinear material models for backfill simulation Full dynamic capability, with absorbing boundaries and wave input Automatic, radially graded mesh generation within polyhedra (3DEC) for infinite domain problems Structural elements (including non-linear cables), with general coupling to continuum blocks or discontinuities Tunnel generator and statistically-based joint-set generator Simulates transient heat conduction and development of thermally induced stresses and displacements Components of stored and dissipated energy may be monitored
Product:ITASCA 3DEC 4.0