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FLAC/Slope uses the graphical interface and the automatic factor-of-safety calculation of FLAC as the core of a new, user-friendly code that models slope stability problems under a wide variety of slope conditions. These include: arbitrary slope geometries, multiple layers, pore pressure conditions, heterogeneous soil properties, surface loading, and structural reinforcement.FLAC/Slope uses the same calculation method as FLAC with a simplified modeling environment that provides tools and facilities exclusive to slope stability analyses. The result is a code that offers rapid model development, proven analytical capabilities, and fast solution reporting. Users of FLAC will find the FLAC/Slope modeling environment familiar. However, experience with FLAC is not necessary to learn and operate FLAC/Slope.FLAC/Slope is now available at or below the cost of some popular Limit Equilibrium codes and at a fraction of the cost of a full FLAC license. [img][/img]
Product:ITASCA FLAC 5.0.355