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FLAC3D Version 5.01 runs faster and has an updated user-interface. The underlying calculation engine remains robust and reliable, but the user-experience is altered and enhanced.

The list of new or improved features provided below gives an overview:

Speed increases overall due to improved code optimizations
Interactive 2D extruder, user-defined geometry, improved mouse controls for view manipulation, and more modeling features
New plot export options, profile lines, improved quality of printed output and more plotting features
New command-line UNDO and more command line features
Improvements to handling of FISH scripting and new FISH functions for greater coding flexibility
Additional Features

New or Improved Features

Speed Increases

Up to 20% faster overall.
Improved compiler optimizations.
Structural element logic runs 30x faster, or more.
Updated implementation, 10x faster on a single thread.
Multithreaded, for a 3x speed increase if running on a 4-core processor.
Product:ITASCA FLAC3D 5.0
Size:140 MB