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GGU-SS-Flow2D 8.0

Powerful mesh generator with mesh condenser and optimizer import of ASCII-Data Consideration of seepage lines and the unsaturated zone Definition of layer boundaries using fixed values or an interpolation mesh (data import of ASCII-Data of GGU-GEO GRAPH) Graphically oriented data input and editor for fixed boundary conditions such as potentials and single, line or area flux Powerful evaluation tools Color supported presentation of results such as normal, colored or 3-dimensional Iso-lines, tables or circle diagrams Evaluation and presentation of potentials, velocities vx, vy and flux in any cross-section Evaluation and presentation of groundwater level, aquifer thickness, groundwater distance from surface, \”artesian\” areas and \”dry\”areas Evaluation and presentation of flow lines with path and time increment Calculation of differential-maps of two previous calculations and presenation as as normal, colored or 3-dimensional Iso-lines Automatic export of tansient data for the programs GGU-TRANSIENT, GGU-CONTAM FE/RW Interface for the program GGU-SS-FLOW 3D (3-dimensional groundwater systems) Free design of graphical data output Copy of screen windows and paste in word processing program [img][/img]
Product:GGU-SS-Flow2D 8.0