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GGU-Seep 7.13

The GGU-SEEP program allows the calculation of the following installations for precipitation seepage according to
german ATV A-138 (January 2002):
• Surface seepage
• Depression seepage
• Pipe seepage
• Seepage in gravel filled drain trenches
• Shaft seepage
As data input is in accordance with Windows conventions it can be learnt almost without the use of a handbook. The
graphic output supports the true-type fonts provided by Windows, so that you can be sure of an excellent layout. Colour
output and bitmap graphics are supported.
System requirements
GGU-Software runs on PCs with the following specifications:
• Pentium I or higher processor
• minimum 32MB memory
• Microsoft Windows 98, Windows NT, 2000, XP
• 10MB free hard disk space
• CD-ROM drive (for installation)
• VGA or higher resolution monitor
Product:GGU-Seep 7.13