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IDRISI Andes V15.0

DRISI Andes是一个交互式GIS和影像处理解决方案,提供了200个模块来分析和处理数字空间信息。IDRISI提供了业界最广泛的GIS和影像处理工具。这些工具包括土地规划、决策支持、风险分析等等。包括:对空间数据统计,地表分析,空间建模的分析。 IDRISI Andes V15.0 于2006年4月释放,这是自1987年以来,第15次发行的有关IDRISI Andes版本。IDRISI目前已在超过175个国家被广大研究员和专业人士使用。 With IDRISI Andes, you can: [b]Explore, predict, and model impacts on land cover change with the innovative Land Change Modeler facility[/b]. [img]/u/soft/2009-10/06/layout_blank.gif[/img] The Land Change Modeler for Ecological Sustainability is organized around a set of tasks for land cover change assessment, change prediction, assessment of its impacts on habitat and biodiversity, and the exploration of planning interventions. [img]/u/soft/2009-10/06/slcm_project.jpg[/img] [b]Process remotely-sensed imagery with a full suite of image processing techniques including innovative soft classifiers and neural network and decision tree analyses.[/b] [img]/u/soft/2009-10/06/layout_blank.gif[/img] IDRISI has incomparable classification tools. Machine learning classifiers consist of three neural network classifiers–multi-layer perceptron, self organizing map, and fuzzy art map. [img]/u/soft/2009-10/06/new_sneural_networks.jpg[/img] [b]Utilize cutting-edge decision support and uncertainty management tools to allocate resources and create suitability maps.[/b] [img]/u/soft/2009-10/06/layout_blank.gif[/img] This screenshot illustrates some of the data products developed for a study on the effects of sea level rise on a coastal rice-producing area in Vietnam. Part of the study included prediction of future sea level and inundated areas. This portion of the study explicitly incorporated uncertainty in the elevation data as well as the projected sea level rise. The probability of inundation image (upper left) was then thresholded based upon an acceptable level of risk. The multi-criteria analysis was a prediction model of where people might relocate after inundation, thus a predicted landcover image was produced. [b]Compare pairs of images or analyze trends and anomalies from long time series imagery.[/b] [img]/u/soft/2009-10/06/layout_blank.gif[/img] IDRISI provides the most extensive set of change and time series analysis tools in the industry. This screenshot illustrates Markov Chain Analysis, a technique for predictive change modeling. Predictions of future change are based on changes that have occurred in the past. [b]Import/export with a wide variety of data sources, including all major vector and imagery formats.[/b] [img]/u/soft/2009-10/06/layout_blank.gif[/img] IDRISI supports the import of HDF-EOS 4 format which is useful for importing ASTER and MODIS data. [b]And even more…[/b] [img]/u/soft/2009-10/06/layout_blank.gif[/img] IDRISI provides full map composition capabilities, including multiple raster and vector layers, layer blending, interactive RGB compositing, multiple legends, title, text labels, grid, north arrow, scale bar, text and image insets. This image depicts the White Mountain region in New Hampshire, USA, including data for elevation, roads, and boundaries using various layer blending options. [img]/u/soft/2009-10/06/swhite_mountains.jpg[/img]
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