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GEOSlope GeoStudio 2004 v6.13

The Basic Edition is ideal for use in routine engineering practice for the analysis of problems with limited geometric complexity. It is licensed for engineering consulting use and is available as a Perpetual Standalone License only.

While primarily intended for analyzing the stability of natural and man-made earth slopes, you can also use GeoStudio Basic for the analysis of confined and unconfined steady-state seepage problems, for the analysis of linear-elastic settlement and stress distribution problems, for the tracking of contaminants within ground water flow and for the analysis of freeze-thaw problems.

The Basic Edition does not contain all of the features found in the full product editions. For example, each product in GeoStudio Basic is limited to 2 multiple/staged analyses within one file, 10 material types, 10 geometric regions, and 500 finite elements.

Modeling Practice
A common tendency when using powerful modeling software is to build numerical models that are geometrically too complex. The geometric complexity is usually not required to obtain meaningful results. In fact, we at GEO-SLOPE strongly advocate that a numerical model should be a simplified abstraction of the actual field conditions. Adopting this modeling principle makes GeoStudio Basic a very powerful analytical tool for use in practice in spite of its geometric limitations.
Product:GEOSlope GeoStudio 2004 v6.13