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Riscan PRO v2.7.1

Riscan PRO v2.7.1

With RiSCAN PRO  RIEGL\’s well established Operating & Processing Software for 3D Laser Scanners starts a new area.

The 64-bit architecture, geo-referencing support of GeoSysManager, as well as support for Ultra High Definition (UHD) displays offer new possibilities and speed up processing. The interface has received a fresh new look to provide a simpler and cleaner user experience.

RiSCAN PRO is the companion software for RIEGL Terrestrial 3D Laser Scanner Systems. RiSCAN PRO is project orientated, i.e., the entire data acquired during a measurement campaign are organized and stored in RiSCAN PRO\’s project structure. These data include scans, fine scans, digital images, GPS data, coordinates of control points and tie points, and all transformation matrices necessary to transform the data of multiple scans into a common well-defined coordinate system.

RiSCAN PRO is designed to optimize the acquisition workflow in the field and provides the tools for visual inspection of overall completeness of data coverage in 3D right after acquisition. In addition to data acquisition it provides a variety of functions for data processing.

The design of RiSCAN PRO´s project structure enables smooth data transfer to numerous third party post-processing packages. The XML-based project file structure is published and well-documented thus enabling open access to all project information in an easy way.

Different license levels and plugin module licenses allow an adaption to the user specific requirements.


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