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Schlumberger AquaChem 12

Schlumberger AquaChem 12 build 20.23.0613.1

Schlumberger is one of the largest oilfield services companies in the world, providing a full range of technologies and services for the development and support of oil and gas industry infrastructures.​

Schlumberger Water Services is a division of Schlumberger that specializes in solving the problems of managing and operating water resources. The software provided by Schlumberger Water Services is used in groundwater and surface water flow modeling, groundwater well management, groundwater quality assessment, mapping, etc. The software is delivered as separate modules (Visual MODFLOW, Hydro GeoAnalyst, AquaChem, Aquifer Test Pro, GW Contour, etc.), tailored to the solution of highly specialized tasks.

So, AquaChem is a software package for analyzing and assessing the quality of groundwater


Product:Schlumberger AquaChem 12