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ARES MAP 2024 Build 2024.0.1.1179.9501

ARES MAP 2024 Build 2024.0.1.1179.9501

ARES® Map™ is a hybrid solution bringing together the intelligence of GIS contents and a full-featured DWG-based CAD system. Maps and floorplans created with ARES Map are saved natively in dwg but contain also smart GIS-enabled information associated to the entities.

ARES Map is powered by ArcGIS® Online from Esri, the world leader for GIS technologies and also based on ARES Commander™, Graebert’s popular DWG-based CAD platform trusted by more than 7 million professionals.

Coordinate systems
-Add a GIS coordinate system to any DWG drawing from a list of systems provided by Esri to align the CAD file -with the rest of the world
-Choose from hundreds of projected, geometric or vertical coordinate systems
-If no coordinate system is assigned, ARES Map will assign automatically a default one based on the first GIS service loaded

Map services
-Connect to Esri’s map servers and add free basemaps to your CAD drawings for any location on Earth: satellite -images, street maps, topographic maps…
-Add multiple maps and they will be positioned accurately with real-world coordinates
-Locate: Search any place or address to get the exact maps you want
-Manage the transparency and draw order of your maps to overlay or fade content
-Display the legend associated to a map service
-Map services can be saved and re-loaded or exported as raster images in your drawing

Feature services
-Connect to Esri’s free feature servers or to your ArcGIS Online account to access web-based feature services
-ARES Map will create smart GIS-enabled CAD entities such as points, polygons, polylines, splines, ellipses and circles
-Manage the visibility of each layer to show or hide information as required
-Use ARES Map drafting tools to add, modify or delete entities
-New entities will become smart GIS-enabled entities if they qualify for the feature service definition
-Synchronize changes with the server to share your modifications
-Feature services can be saved and re-loaded

Attributes and labels
-Feature services entities do not contain only geometry but also attributes you can display and edit from ARES -Map’s properties panel
-ARES Map maintains the integrity of your GIS information, attributes can only be modified following the at-tributes field definition and constraints defined by the GIS administrator: named values, range
-Labels help you annotate your drawings with text information extracted from the feature services attributes and stay in your drawing even when the feature service is not loaded


product:ARES MAP 2024 Build 2024.0.1.1179.9501