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Thermo Scientific™ PerGeos Software is a robust platform that enables E&P engineers to understand the quality and performance of hydrocarbon reservoirs. PerGeos Software is the industry’s first digital rock solution designed to help geoscientists rapidly interpret digital rock imagery so that E&P engineers can quickly and easily obtain meaningful, actionable data. Its visualization, processing, and analysis of 2D and 3D digital rock imagery enables improved evaluation of reservoir quality and faster understanding of static and dynamic rock properties that impact production. PerGeos Software can be used as a standalone software platform or bundled with a variety of applications to customize the user experience with additional functionality for digital core analysis.

Key benefits of PerGeos Software include:

Collaborative core analysis:

Multi-disciplinary sharing of information to build a common rock model.

Consistency in data processing and modeling:

Automated workflows to streamline efficiency and implement best practices.

Confidence in results:

Multi-scale, multi-modal image analysis to help users validate observations and properties from a variety of datasets.

Customized for oil and gas:

The most advanced set of artifact removal and analytical tools on the market, designed specifically for oil and gas reservoir characterization and digital rock analysis.

PerGeos Software helps petrographers, geologists, core analysts, and petrophysicists with qualitative and quantitative rock analysis via its suite of image processing, filtering, and segmentation tools. These tools help users understand and share reservoir information.