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Pipe Flow Expert

Pipe Flow Expert

Version 8 is a major release update with significant program enhancements.

The following features and updates are available in version 8:

New Orifice Component:

Orifice Component Calculations:

Sharp Edged Orifice

Round Edged Orifice

Bevel Edged Orifice

Thick Edged Orifice

Calculates pressure loss through orifices for liquid systems.

Calculates pressure loss through orifices for gas systems.

Automatically takes account of the gas density at the entry of the orifice.

Calculates for orifices in straight pipes.

Calculates for orifices in transition sections

(where the upstream and downstream pipes are of different size diameters)

Orifice Auto Sizing:

Orifice Component Sizing:

Auto size orifice diameter to achieve a specified flow rate.

Size orifice diameter to produce a given pressure drop

(for a required flow rate, at a specific Orifice inlet pressure)

Orifice component sizing works for both liquids and gases.

Calculation Engine Enhancements:

Improved Calculation Engine Algorithm:

Significant improvement in handling complex edge cases in large pipe networks.

Improved identification and selection of critical pipe loops when generating equations.

Enhanced convergence algorithms.

Decimal Places:

Decimal Places Configuration and Overrides:

By default, numbers are displayed to an appropriate number of decimal places

(based on the given value and unit, and this generally works well in most cases)

New functionality allows the user to override and specify the number of decimal places

for each unit (diameter, length, pressure loss, etc) when values are displayed

– On System Drawing

– On Results Sheet

– On PDF Report

Config Options:

Config Options Defaults:

Config options can be saved as default values that are automatically loaded on start-up.

New \’Editor\’ tab allows configuration of grid type and other drawing options.

Larger Drawing Area:

Drawing Area Size Increase:

The total drawing grid size is now 200% of the previous size (twice as large).

Drawing Tool options allow additional configuration of how \’rubber banding\’ starts and stops when drawing pipes.

Product:Pipe Flow Expert