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Certainty3D TopoDOT 2023.1.1.14

Certainty3D TopoDOT 2023.1.1.14

We are proud to announce the official release of TopoDOT x64 Version 2023.1 for MicroStation CONNECT Update 15+. Please download and install the latest release to stay up to date with our newest developments. Downloads can be found from the link below or at the Downloads page.

Important Notes Regarding Update Compatibility

TopoDOT 2023.1 is compatible with all approved CONNECT products, including Open Roads Designer (ORD) 2022 Release 1 (Version which runs on Bentley’s MS Update 16 engine.

There was a compatibility issue between MicroStation CONNECT Update 17 and TopoDOT 2022.0. This issue has been addressed and there should be no problem running TopoDOT 2023.1 and MicroStation CONNNECT Update 17. For more information on between compatibility between platforms,

What’s New?

There are many new tools, features and enhancements added to this release. The pillar of it being the “Template Editor”, a tool designed to provide a more user-friendly template creation process. If you would like to know more about the updates made in the release, please watch the TopoDOT 2023.1 Update webinar below.


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