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fine GEO5 2022

fine GEO5 2022

GEO5 is a set of independent software that can solve most geological engineering tasks. All programs have similar user interfaces and can exchange data with each other. Each unit conducts a comprehensive inspection of specific design types.

Main functions:

-Stability calculation – Check the stability of slopes, rock walls, and reinforced soil piles.

-Fence structure – Design and inspection of pit fence structure and underground structure.

-Comprehensive inspection of walls and support structures – wall and fence structures.

-Shallow substrate – Check the bearing capacity and sediment of individual strip substrates and ceramic tile substrates.

-Deep buried foundation – check the bearing capacity and sediment of piles and pile clusters.

-Sediment – Calculation of sediment and consolidation, sediment from shallow and deep bases.

-Tunnels and Mines – Analyze tunnels, underground structures, and shafts.

-Geological Survey – Establish tunnel and underlying models based on geological exploration data.

-On site testing – structural calculations based on on-site test data (SPT, CPT, DMT, PMT)

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