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datamine discover v2022 22.0.224

datamine discover v2022 22.0.224

Datamine Discover 2022 cracked version is an exploration geographic information system solution built on the powerful MapInfo Pro GIS platform. Whether you are conducting mineral exploration, hydrological analysis, or environmental assessment, Datamine Discover is a comprehensive and essential software package for compiling, mapping, and analyzing spatial geoscience data. With Datamine Discover 3D, you can easily convert MapInfo Pro datasets into an intuitive 3D environment. Quickly visualize, evaluate, and model your drilling and related datasets in real 3D, and then dynamically test your theory. Discover is an excellent tool for the exploration phase.

Functional Features

1、 Main features and advantages

1. Import and display large amounts of data from multiple sources

2. Display all geochemical, borehole, geological and geophysical data in a simple GIS environment

3. Utilize a wide range of analysis and query tools for graphical, statistical, spatial, and temporal analysis

4. Create professional quality maps

5. Import, display, and analyze grids and grid datasets using a wide range of available toolkits

6. Comprehensive drilling tool for verification, analysis, demonstration, and export

7. Display, import, and export all GPS data

8. Enjoy all the tools and features provided by industry standard MapInfo Pro software

9. Visualize and analyze your GIS in a 3D environment

10. Bring your desktop GIS data to the site for collection and analysis using Discover Mobile

11. Seamless display and analysis of data from Discover to Discover Mobile to Discover 3D

2、 DISCOVER 2021

New Zoom Layout Tool

New Gridline Planner Tool

Simplify drilling section creation

Full groove data support

Big Tiff Image Support

XYZ Tile Server View


New Ribbon Interface

New cursor plane menu

Simplified dialog box and tool interface

Massive speed improvement in displaying drilling data

Unified drilling database

New drilling cone tool

Full groove data support

Wavefront OBJ file support


Capturing trajectories while using other mobile functions

Capture non-spatial data, such as downhole drilling data

Using device sensors to capture structural data

Using the correct symbol system to display structural data

Product:datamine discover v2022 22.0.224