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SeisImager/2D refraction software is a fully integrated refraction modeling and interpretation software package that runs on your Geometrics seismograph or PC. Before you leave for the field, determine the best way to configure your survey by drawing a geologic cross-section of the site and performing a simulated survey with sophisticated modeling software. Change the model so you can see what targets are detectable. Identify first breaks quickly with an accurate automatic picker, with manual override. Clean up noisy data with comprehensive filtering and view all your prior picks simultaneously for shot-to-shot coherence. QC your data before analysis to ensure that your answer will be the most accurate. Display differences between travel time curves to distinguish layering and refractor topography. Automatically resolve reciprocal time conflicts that cause inaccuracies in depth estimation. Choose from three methods of analysis to best suit the geologic conditions. Take a quick look with a 2 or 3-layer time-term analysis. If you prefer traditional methods, use the delay-time (reciprocal) method and view the process step-by-step. If you expect lateral velocity variations, use the optimized tomographic analysis that runs quickly and accurately. A field (Lite) version of SeisImager/2D comes free with all Geometrics Windows-based seismographs.