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PaleoScan 2022.2.0

PaleoScan 2022.2.0

PaleoScan is the name of a new software for interpreting earthquakes in both 3D and 3D. It contains all the tools necessary to execute a large workflow and provides a user-friendly environment for downloading data, interpreting objects, screening information, and cross-navigation. PaleoScan also offers ways to semi-automate the interpretation of seismic masses and offers standard tools for interpreting horizons and faults. With the powerful editing tools available in PaleoScan, you can edit your own interpretations and view geological models in real-time. PaleoScan also benefits from parallel processing capabilities with the latest multichannel technologies.

At the confluence of powerful algorithms, computational power and data analysis, our revolutionary technology pushes your seismic interpretation to an unprecedented level. We can deliver a substantial qualitative and quantitative change to E&P businesses by creating new opportunities for energy supply enhancement, reducing risk and making timely and enlightened decisions.

Stay ahead of the curve with our new generation of 2D/3D seismic interpretation platforms!

Strengthen your seismic interpretation potential, integrate all available data and develop your creativity.

Running on Windows®, our platform offers a great panel of E&P workflows from basin-scale evaluation to prospect maturation. It includes our first-class automated horizon tracking step and the associated supervised Relative Geological Time model, and our fully automated fault extraction tool … just to quote a few!

Our intuitive interface coupled with an embedded cross-correlation tool dramatically increases your screening capacity, enables better predictions, and triggers early stage sweet spotting. In addition, powerful editing and visualizing tools help to refine the interpretation and perform real-time preview on the iterative Relative Geological Time model creation process.

PaleoScan™ Core Application suite empowers you to

-Generate a large panel of seismic attributes

-Convert all seismic reflectors into Horizons

-Model an unlimited number of stratal slices

-Emphasize and model faults and fractures

-Extract and classify geobodies

-Cross-correlate well logs and well markers with any attribute

Advanced interpretation extension

-Navigate between your structural and wheeler domains in real time

-Delineate key stratigraphic surfaces and model 3D systems tracts

-Automatically extract geobodies

-Convert stratigraphic units into a reservoir grid

-Reveal geomorphologies through our data blending methods

Time-Depth extension

-Perform seismic to well tie with a forward modelling workflow to compute a synthetic model in real time

-Generate accurate velocity models, then carry out detailed domain conversion

Property modelling extension

-Propagate rock physics from hard data through your RGT model and build electrofacies models

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