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Schlumberger OMNI 3D 2021

Schlumberger OMNI 3D 2021

Release details

  • Convert bin grids to OGP P6/11 file format accessed from the Utilities drop-down menu

    • Use the utility to convert OMNI bin grids to P6/11 or convert P6/11 bin grids to OMNI Bin Grid

  • Export relational surveys (Land or OBC) to P1/11 format. The exporter generates complete CRS-related headers when users provide a valid EPSG CRS code.
  • Added the OMNI 3D Data Toolkit software library. It provides read and write operations directly to OMNI 3D bin grids and marine data streamers

    • This toolkit works with SurvOPT 3.10.0 to export planned and acquired OMNI streamers (.ost) and bin grid (.bgd) files.
    • Previously users would import OMNI streamers in SurvOPT by first exporting to P1/90, but this process is significantly faster, especially when working with large files 
    • Read and write multiple data streamers at the same time

  • Added decimal numeral precisions grouping to SPS export. Users can specify the minimum and maximum number of decimals when outputting coordinates, attributes, and elevations. The addition of the minimum to maximum decimal range gives users more flexibility when outputting column fields of differing decimal precision and can better conform to the users’ custom SPS definitions 

    • Trailing zeros are trimmed 
    • Decimal outputs truncate to fit within a column field
    • Numeric fields are right justified

  • Improved SPS export to comply with SPS 1.0 and 2.1 standards, therefore, SPS definitions are less error prone and OMNI better handles custom SPS definitions.
  • Enter real numbers into text boxes with arbitrary precision up to a maximum precision determined by the underlying real data type.

    • Automatically trims trailing zeros
    • Previously, the number of decimal places was fixed for each individual text box and varied throughout the application

  • Improved stability 

    • Additional checks added to shot event code
    • Survey file loads now attempts to recover shots, receivers, and as many shot events from malformed OSD files
    • Added backups and transactional writes for OSD files, enabled by default

  • Chart axes labeled with station attributes now display with the same number of decimal places as specified for the color bar of the same attribute.
  • Enlarged the default font size of the X and Y axis and color bar labels. 
  • Vertical color scales now always display the label of the maximum data value. Previously, changing the font size could remove the top label value.
  • Modify the transparency of multiple selected objects.
  • Updated the transparency status of objects so it immediately updates to signify if an object has transparency set 
  • Reorganized the color scale context menu.
  • Added functionality to select or unselect stations of the current shot event when QCing shots within the View Events Wizard. To select multiple events, hold down the S or U key while advancing through events.
  • The EPSG code now appears in the top corner of the projection dialog.
  • Corrected, improved, and added EPSG codes, datums, and units. To see more details about the projection system updates, please read the OMNI 3D 2021 Revision History. 
  • Output station attributes in line summary reports for 2D projects.
  • Improved output naming consistency when creating obstacles and detours. 
  • Added an option to display bin grids when computing analyses.


Product:Schlumberger OMNI 3D 2021