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Rocscience Slide2 v9.0.26

Rocscience Slide2 v9.0.26

Built-in Groundwater Seepage Analysis

Includes a Finite Element Seepage Analysis tool. Automatically generate your mesh and compute your steady state or transient analysis without the need for separate programs.

  • Multi-modal Optimization (MMO)

    Get more insight into your models by searching for more than one critical failure surface. With MMO you can seek out the top three most critical failure surfaces at once and consider them in your analysis.

  • New Generalized Anisotropic

    Get full flexibility in the definition of your anisotropic material. Assign any material strength type as a joint or base. Define an angle range for anisotropy or assign one or multiple anisotropic surfaces to the same material.

  • User-Defined Manufacturer Library

    Define your own geosynthetic manufacturer library and share a read-only copy with your team to ensure everyone is using the same support properties. Once added to Slide2, you will be able to access it from all Slide2 files on your machine.

Product:Rocscience Slide2 v9.0.26