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Hydro GeoAnalyst was a Schlumberger product that is currently being developed by Waterloo Hydrogeologic; This program is a groundwater and environmental data management system that stores and organizes environmental data and helps you quickly generate comprehensive analytical results that are reliable and understandable. Using the Hydro GeoAnalyst software, professional environmentalists, geosciences and government organizations have all the tools they need to effectively and efficiently manage large amounts of data. Information management system is used in this program to manage underground water and environmental data. This software supports environmental professionals by combining pre- and post-processing of multiple components into a single program. The components include: Project Wizard, global data transfer system, template management, material specification editor, map management, section editor, report editor and…


Possibility and features of Hydro GeoAnalyst software:

  • Organizational standardization, intelligent validation of all input data, ensuring the quality required for reliable analysis and informed decision making.
  • The project begins by providing an environmental database template that includes tables and fields for common environmental data types
  • Unlike other commercial environmental data management software packages, this software gives you complete database control and allows you to customize the database structure.
  • Data management for federal, local and state underground monitoring system network
  • Mapping and reporting of aquifers and geological forms