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Geneious Prime 2022.1

Geneious Prime 2022.1

Geneious Prime is the name of the comprehensive molecular data analysis software, biology and sequences (sequence analysis) product of geneious company. With the help of this software, you will be able to easily examine and analyze the data related to genetic sequences. A set of diverse tools along with a convenient and friendly user interface, allows you to check all kinds of data such as Sanger, NGS, de novo assembly, mapping, etc. In the molecular biology section, this software includes a wide range of tools necessary for cloning and making and designing short strands (primer) in one page. Some of these cloning tools are: restriction cloning, Gibson Assembly, Gateway cloning and TOPO cloning.

Data management can be done easily in this software. It is possible to use drag and drop to enter information and extract and convert data, annotations and notes in common formats such as Genbank, SnapGene, FASTQ, FASTA, BAM, VCF and GFF. In addition, the possibility of exploring, sorting, changing multiple names, as well as file history and automatic saving are other features of this software.

Features and features of Geneious Prime software :

  • NGS data preprocessing such as trim, filter and demultiplex
  • Molecular cloning with viewing of plasmid maps and automatic Plasmid Annotation
  • Mapping and  de novo  assembly
  • Primer design, import and export as FASTA
  • Search and access to public BLAST databases
  • Providing an API to customize and add personalized features to the software


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