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RiverFlow2D v8

RiverFlow2D v8

RiverFlow2D is the most advanced two-dimensional combined hydraulic and hydrologic flexible-mesh model, offering a high-performance finite-volume engine for speedy, accurate, and volume conservative computations in all river and estuary projects. It can tackle the most demanding flood modeling situations including dam-break and levee-break simulations over initially dry terrain.

RiverFlow2D can be readily extended with Add-on Modules: Sediment Transport (ST), Mud and Tailings Flow (MT), Pollutant Transport (PL), Water Quality (WQ), Urban Drainage (UD) and Plastic Transportation (PT).

RiverFlow2D can use two Graphical User Interfaces (GUI): QGIS or Aquaveo SMS(*). Both GUIs allow generating the files needed to run the model.

RiverFlow2D with GPU high-performance capabilities can achieve simulation speeds never seen before in 2D simulations. It can tackle high resolution, and large river reaches that used to be impractical or even impossible until recently. The model has been a game-changer for many 2D modelers that often find 700X faster simulations compared to non-parallelized or poorly parallelized models.

Traditional CPU processor performance has reached its peak, but Hydronia’s RiverFlow2D GPU developed in collaboration with the world-renowned Computational Hydraulics Group of the University of Zaragoza in Spain,  offers a high-performance numerical engine, that when run used with off-the-shelf NVIDIA graphics cards provides unprecedented performance to the most demanding flooding simulations.

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