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LISREL Commercial

LISREL Commercial

LISREL is a software for statistical analysis as well as factor analysis calculations and structural equation models. LISREL software is mainly used to analyze covariance structures, this software is also used to use correlation and covariance between measured variables. LISREL can estimate or infer the values ​​of factor loadings, variances, and errors of latent variables, and this software can be used to perform exploratory factor analysis, second-order factor analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, and path analysis. Lisrel software is a complement to SPSS software that is used in humanities and social sciences. This software performs graphic tasks better than SPSS software.

Lisrel software is a powerful and reliable software for multivariate analysis technique from the group of multivariate regression analysis and more precisely, the extension of the general linear model, which provides the possibility to analyze several regression equations at the same time. and also with the wide capabilities of this software, the information will be available to researchers in such a way that the interpretation of the results of the final model can be measured and evaluated in the best way.


Features and features of LISREL software:

– Data summarization

– statistical analysis

– Factor analysis calculations

– Analysis of covariance structures

– Finding values ​​of factor loadings, variances and errors of variables

– Having a suitable and efficient graphic environment

– Interpretation of the results of the final model

– The possibility of estimating linear structural relationships

– Ability to screen multivariate data

– Types of multivariate analysis

– Average structure analysis

– Factor Analysis

– Multivariate regression

– Path analysis

– Multisample analysis


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