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Applied Flow Technology Impulse v9.0.1108

Applied Flow Technology Impulse v9.0.1108

Applied Flow Technology Impulse – набор инструментальных средств предоставляющих возможность работы с моделью в интерактивном режиме через графический интерфейс, инструментарий включает встроенную библиотеку экспертных знаний по проблеме гидроудара. Applied Flow Technology Impulse позволяет создавать проект-дизайн системы трубопровода с большей степенью защищенности, надежности и безопасности исключая потенциально опасные эффекты гидроудара и других нежелательных неустановившихся режимов.

Primary Features of AFT Impulse

– Advanced transient solver based on Method of Characteristics.

– Built-in steady-state solver to automatically initialize waterhammer transient.

– Detailed pump inertial modelling for trips and start-ups including state-of-the-art, four quadrant methods.

– Built-in library of fluids and fittings.

– Models liquid column separation caused by transient cavitation.

– Extensive cavitation modelling.

– Scenario Manager to track all design variants and operational possibilities in a single model file with data linkage.

– Comprehensive relief valve modelling.

– Integrated graphing and reporting.

– Animation features to dynamically graph transients.

– Create video files from animations to share your results.

– Generates force imbalance files that can be automatically read into CAESAR II and TRIFLEX pipe stress dynamic models.

– Built-in intelligence to guide you in building better models.

Product:Applied Flow Technology Impulse v9.0.1108