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ESRI CityEngine 2022

 ESRI CityEngine 2022

What’s more exciting than releasing a new version of ArcGIS CityEngine? That’s right, releasing a new version of ArcGIS CityEngine just before the weekend!

Why? Because now you get to play around with it all weekend long!


It’s been a busy year for us, aside from releasing some new plugins and connectors, like the ArcGIS CityEngine Connector for NVIDIA Omniverse, heading to conferences to spread the word on how great CityEngine is (come and talk to us at the Esri UC in San Diego), we have of course also been hard at work on the new release!

…and now it’s here! We’re really proud to welcome our little bundle of joy ArcGIS CityEngine 2022.0 earth-side.


We can’t wait for you to test it out. If you actually do spend all weekend doing that, you won’t regret it. The team worked tirelessly to bring this release to you – well, almost tirelessly, they do still have free time, of course…also there’s this thing called “labor laws”.


N.B. Esri is an awesome place to work, and we’re actually looking for new CityEngine team members, so check out the careers page.


If you want to know everything that was worked on in this version, you can scour the depths of the release notes, or you can just scroll through this blog for the top new features.


Without further ado, this is CityEngine 2022.0!

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