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Killetsoft TRANSDAT Professional 25.37

Killetsoft TRANSDAT Professional 25.37

TRANSDATpro is a professional computer program for Geodetic Coordinate Transformations between national and country-specific Coordinate and Reference Systems with high precision and good performance:.

The current and historical Systems of all countries of Europe

The European ETRS89 systems forced by INSPIRE

The US and Canadian NAD, NTv2, HARN and SPCS Coordinate Reference Systems

The Coordinate Reference Systems of most countries of all continents

The Coordinate Reference Systems of Germany, Austria and Switzerland incl. NTv2

The Geographic coordinates in different notations and Cartesian coordinates

Worldwide NTv2 gridfile supported Coordinate Transformations

Worldwide used numeric and alphanumeric Coordinate Systems

Most of EPSG supported Coordinate Reference Systems

ITRS annual realizations or WGS84 epochs for GPS measurements

WGS84 Coordinate Transformations in consideration of the continental drift

User defined Coordinate Systems, Reference Systems and earth ellipsoids

Meridian Convergence, Origin Center Meridian, Geographical Point Coordinates

product:Killetsoft TRANSDAT Professional 25.37