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Volume Graphics enables users in both industry and academia to gain reliable insights and make better products. This comprehensive software package enables analysis and visualisation of CT data. Applications VG Studio Max has applications across a vast array of industries. Some of these include: 3D metrology Casting Injection moulding Tool correction Additive Manufacturing Battery testing 

Key Features


  • Efficient – reliable results when you need them to make key decisions
  • Fast – insightful graphics and detailed reports generated immediately
  • Seamless operation – suits production of lab environments and transitions from lab to production
  • Dedicated modules – modules for material analysis, geometry analysis, simulation and CT reconstruction
  • Dimensional accuracy – quickly measure dimensions e.g. volume, diameter, sphericity, internal dimensions not accessible by hand or eye
  • Modular design – allowing it to grow with your needs – allowing it to grow with your needs
  • Futureproof – software continuously updated with new features, with updates provided free to service agreement subscribers