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Datamine Studio RM 1.12.94

Datamine Studio RM 1.12.94

Studio RM Pro and Studio RM 1.12 – Major Release

Datamine is proud to announce the upcoming version of Studio RM Pro 1.12 and Studio RM 1.12, to be released in July 2022. As always, this version will be made available to maintained customers, giving them access to a vast range of new and updated functionality.

  • Swipe Selection and Partial Drillhole Selection

In Studio RM 1.12, you will find interacting with drillhole data is more intuitive. Instead of selecting an entire drillhole, individual sample selection has been set as the default behaviour. This gives you more control to inspect and interrogate your drillholes. You can also now select any data using a swipe selection, which acts like a paintbrush across your data for identifying data in complex spatial zones.