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Leica MissionPro v12.9.0

Leica MissionPro v12.9.0

1 + 1 = 3D is the ultimate formula for successful collaboration: when two get together, something new is created.

Leica MissionPro expands on what is best in airborne mission planning from Z/I Mission and Leica FPES and takes mission planning to the next dimension with the new 3D virtual globe view.

  • Enjoy immersive planning with the 3D virtual globe view
  • Enhanced features add new flexibility and planning capabilities to your organization
  • Use one tool to plan for all LiDAR, frame and line sensors
  • Fully integrated true 3D mission planning across the globe
  • Reduce training but increase productivity
  • Estimate the project cost during planning phase
  • Evaluate the flight results when you land
  • Offers a complete solution for every sensor and workflow


  • Automatic and accurate computation of blocks, corridors and single flight lines from any user specified parameter such as area coverage, stereo overlap, point density and any other sensor-related parameters
  • New 3D virtual globe planning environment and traditional 2D map planning view
  • Sophisticated computation algorithms using local DTM and global SRTM/ASTER DTM data automatically
  • Background maps from Web Map Service (WMS)- compliant map service providers
  • Integrated multi-sensor planning and LiDAR planning
  • Powerful reporting of all planned and flown information for planning, QC, cost estimation and project management
  • Fully integrated into existing Leica Geosystems workflows


product:Leica MissionPro v12.9.0