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ESRI ArcGIS Pro v3.0.1

ESRI ArcGIS Pro v3.0.1

ArcGIS Pro is the latest desktop application for creating and processing spatial data. It has tools to visualize, analyze, compile and publish data.

ArcGIS Pro organizes the resources you use in your work into projects. The project contains maps, layouts, layers, tables, jobs, tools, and connections to servers, databases, folders, and styles. The project also includes resources from your organization\’s portal or ArcGIS online.

-Create a project or start working by opening a project template created by ESRI or other community members.

-You can add resources from folders, portals, or ArcGIS online, specify them, or find them by keyword.

-Make sure to save your project so that it can run in the next session of ArcGIS pro.

-If you want to share a project, you can create a project template for others to use at the beginning, or you can package the project and its data.

ArcGIS Pro can visualize 2D and 3D data simultaneously.

-The map displays 2D data and the scene displays 3D. More information about using 3D in ArcGIS pro.

-In a project, you can store as many maps as possible. You can open multiple maps at once and view them at the same time. Link view] so that when you move and zoom, the extents of all maps are updated at the same time.

-Due to the built-in navigation function and keyboard and mouse hotkeys, it is possible to work quickly on maps, and it is easier to check data with them.

-Create a spectacular map using text, symbols, and pop-up windows.

-To display data in a printable and exportable format, you can create a layout in the project.

Geographic processing provides a rich set of tools that can automatically perform spatial analysis and management of geographic information system data. Use ArcGIS pro to analyze and manage GIS data and create tools to automate workflows and complex tasks.

-Specify the location of the input and output data sets, configure additional parameters that affect the process, and start it by selecting the appropriate geographic processing tool.

ArcGIS Pro contains many built-in tools, but you can create your own.

-Using ModelBuilder – a visual designer, you can create spatial analysis or data management flowcharts or models.

-Use Python and arcpy script libraries to automate data analysis, transformation and management, and drawing.

-Enable other modules to enhance analytical capabilities, including Network, spatial and geostatistical functions.

With ArcGIS pro, you can create and edit different types of objects: cities, buildings, roads, forests, rivers, mountains and any other spatial phenomena, and integrate data from different sources into the project. You can visualize layers as 2D and 3D edits, so you can view spatial objects from any angle.

-Design a data graph to build a world model.

-Editing includes creating, updating, and maintaining geospatial information for tiered storage and organization.

-You can create new objects in layers, number them on the map, and add attributes to specify their properties.

-An existing space object may be updated to reflect its current state according to newly acquired data or information from a field.

-Add an additional data viewer module to check the data quality.

To manage enterprise workflows, integrate workflow manager into your organization.

By using the task, the GIS administrator can design a series of steps, and the user will follow these steps to perform the necessary operations that conform to the organization\’s standards. A task is a set of predefined steps that can help you and other users complete a work or business process.

-Create tasks for any function in ArcGIS pro.

-The steps in the task can be performed manually or started automatically. The steps may be mandatory or additional.

-Record actions and easily copy them as individual steps of a task.

Publishing your work is an important part of ArcGIS pro. Everything from the entire project to maps, layers, and other components can be published.

-To work with other users, you can build project templates to apply them at the beginning, or publish existing project files and their elements to ArcGIS online or the portal.

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