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EIVA NaviSuite KudaCore 4.6

EIVA NaviSuite KudaCore 4.6

Unmatched capabilities at affordable prices for hydrographic surveys

The NaviSuite Kuda software is dedicated to USV- and vessel-based hydrographic surveys, offering you all the necessary tools to carry out cost- and time-efficient bathymetric survey operations. With a variety of variants of this software bundle available, you can pick the one best tailored to your needs and budget.

The software provides high-performing features focusing on simplicity, automation and autonomy, while also enabling you to carry out remote operations

Depending on the variant, these features can include automatic generation of runlines; vessel/USV autopilot control; registration of objects/observations of interest; automatic data cleaning during acquisition and post-processing; volume and difference calculation; as well as automatic, remote/onboard data processing. The end-result is extensive deliverables and visualisations with high-quality bathymetric data.

product:EIVA NaviSuite KudaCore 4.6