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CMG (Computer Modelling Group) Suite 2022.10

CMG (Computer Modelling Group) Suite 2022.10

CMG’s superior technology continues to break new ground for capabilities — simulating the simple to the most advanced recovery processes through a combination of easy-to-use model building workflows, state-of-the-art Performance Enhancement Technology and cross-disciplinary multi-physics (e.g. thermal effects, geochemistry, geomechanics, fluid and phase behavior, wellbore hydraulics and completions) required to accurately model recovery processes.

Unconventional Reservoirs

  • Planar Fracture Template Input for Propped and Unpropped Zone
  • Proppant Transportation in HF
  • Cut-off Option in Property Distribution Data
  • Cut-off for Discrete Fracture Segment


  • Geothermal Process Wizard
  • Thermal Black-Oil Modelling

Chemical EOR

  • Chemial Equilibrium and Mineral Reactions
  • General Polymer Mixing Table
  • Rock-Type Based Polymer Adsorption Properties


  • Builder

    • Well Drainage Radius Block Selector
    • SIP Format
    • Grid Independent Wells

  • Results

    • Flow Allocation Details Export
    • Grid Independent Well Support

Simulation Speed Up & General Simulation

  • Automatic Tuning Advancements
  • PyControl
  • New Option for Heat-Loss Calculations
  • GEM Surface Network Modelling – IPR Correction
  • Temperature Dependent Compaction and Dilation Tables
  • Fault Reactivation Modelling

Integrated Production Simulations

  • Improvements to IMEX/GEM Explicit Coupling
  • Fluid Enhancements
  • Improvements to Network Constraint Solver
  • Wellbore Modelling:

    • Lift and Pipe Table Enhancements
    • Well Scheduling
    • IPR Enhancements
    • General Enhancements

  • Facilities:

    • New ‘Joint’ Equipment
    • Gap Importer
    • General Enhancements

  • Improvements to Reservoir Model Building in CoFlow


Product:CMG (Computer Modelling Group) Suite 2022.10