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WipWare WipFrag v4.0

WipWare WipFrag v4.0

WipFrag™ Image Analysis Software

WipFrag 4 Image Analysis Software allows instant PSD analysis of digital images collected at the muckpile after a blast, a closer up sample of a stockpile, a laboratory sample or even drone/UAV images. With auto-scaling capabilities, WipFrag 4 is safe, cost effective and the most accurate fragmentation analysis tool in the world.

Instantly analyze images across multiple platforms 

Instantly analyze images across multiple platforms for particle size, shape and colour. Seamlessly share results across all platforms: iOS, Android, Windows. Optimize blast performance and put fragmentation at your fingertips!  Compatible with drones to quickly and safely generate comprehensive data with precise geographic information.

Predict Fragmentation 

BlastCast™ blast forecast module, included in the software, helps predict fragmentation when used in conjunction with WipFrag particle size data. The software also controls sixth-generation WipWare Photoanalysis Systems. It monitors conveyor belts or HD/LHD vehicles, providing continuous real-time particle size data to your portable device 24/7. Our particle analysis software is proven in the mining, forestry and aggregate industries.

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