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Schlumberger kinetix 2021

Schlumberger kinetix 2021

Optimize fracturing and completion designs

Kinetix reservoir-centric stimulation-to-production software efficiently integrates geology, petrophysics, completion engineering, reservoir engineering, and geomechanics to help you optimize completion and fracturing designs for a well, a pad, or a whole field on the Petrel E&P software platform.

From 1D logs and simple geometric completions to full 3D mechanical and petrophysical models coupled with INTERSECT high-resolution reservoir simulator and VISAGE finite-element geomechanics simulator, Kinetix software expands your options. With automated parallel processing in the cloud, Kinetix software enables rapid assessment of well spacing, completion, and treatment design choices, enabling you to explore thousands of scenarios in hours rather than weeks.

Kinetix Software

Maximize recovery through data integration

Kinetix software helps you reach your production and recovery goals with comprehensive, integrated simulators, models, and workflows that optimize hydraulic fracturing and acidizing in any reservoir and any well environment.

Kinetix, Kinetix Frac, Kinetix Matrix, and Kinetix RT software are components of a tiered offering that helps you design, plan, optimize, execute, evaluate, and report on fracturing and acidizing operations in the full range of well and downhole conditions, from simple completions to complex reservoir challenges.

Our software integrates Schlumberger industry-leading simulators for fracture design, high-resolution reservoir simulation, finite-element geomechanical simulation, and a unique particle transport model to maximize completion effectiveness in even the most complicated environments. The result is a step change in efficiency and productivity that builds on the analysis of past operations to inform and improve future development.

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