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Maptek Vulcan 2021.5

Maptek Vulcan 2021.5

Vulcan delivers an end-to-end solution for geological modelling, mine design, planning and scheduling, providing holistics benefits across the mining lifecycle.

Customers create value and work more effectively with their digital mining data by using Vulcan, which is populated with practical tools that help modern mining operations generate value from their technical information. These translate into increased productivity for specific applications – such as geological modelling, automated pit design and grade control processes – as well as improvement to the mining business in terms of cost efficiencies.

Ring design

Improved overall efficiency of Ring Design work. Users can now create ring profiles with direct links to the stope and drive triangulations and reference lines, removing the need to select polygons when utilising the existing tools.

Users can also adjust hole lengths on multiple rings while seeing a preview of the length and angle.

Product:Maptek Vulcan 2021.5