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Trimble RealWorks V12.2

Trimble RealWorks V12.2


3D Scanning Software

Trimble RealWorks

Point cloud software that gives you the power to register, analyze, model and create the best possible 3D deliverables from scan data.

New features and enhancements included in this version:

· Pipe Modeling: New tool for manually creating pipe runs with simple clicks on the point cloud..

· Auto-segment Moving Objects: automatically detect moving objects like cars or people in the point cloud and segment them.

· Surface Editing: The Mesh Edit tool now allows you to add line segments to create full triangles to fill or edit meshes.

· Convert to Orthophoto: A new tool to convert imported images into Orthophotos which can be displayed in the 3D view. Combined with the new Ortho-image transparency tool for more functionality.

· Point Cloud Transparency: A new visualization tool has been added to adjust the transparency of point clouds that are close to models.

· New Look: New look and feel for version 12.0 includes a new start screen and dark and light modes

product:Trimble RealWorks V12.2