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nFrames SURE Professional v5.0.1

nFrames SURE Professional v5.0.1

SURE Aerial is specifically designed for aerial image datasets captured with large frame nadir cameras, oblique cameras and hybrid systems with additional LiDAR sensors. Without limitation in image resolution, it empowers the production of 3D Meshes, True Orthophotos, Point Clouds and Digital Surface Models on common workstation hardware and in cluster environments. Simple to setup and operate, SURE Aerial is compliant with mapping industry standards and accessible for web streaming technologies. Connect seamlessly with interfaces such as various Aerotriangulation import options, shapefile definitions and several output formats.

SURE 5.0

SURE 5.0 comes with a novel Mesh Texturing approach and will drape your products in a whole new appearance. This next level of texture consistency will keep your results clean also in challenging situations. Furthermore, it will generally bring their look closer to reality — while retaining high geometric quality.

With this release, you can again expect significant speed-ups in your production. Conclude your large-scale mapping projects up to 15% faster


product:nFrames SURE Professional v5.0.1