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Datamine PixPro 1.6.1

Datamine PixPro 1.6.1

Key Features include:

Intuitive Photo Manager

A wide range of photo management options enables the user to process the photos acquired by any photographic source. With Photo Manager you can also easily review, arrange, select or deselected the specific photos for further data processing.​

Highly Detailed 3D Terrains

Object visualisation in 3D mode has never been so easy – no matter the size of the object, navigate through different views without sacrificing performance or accuracy. ​The large data visualisation engine enables you to zoom in, zoom out, drag the zone of interest from one object to another, maintaining visual clarity.

Dense Point Clouds

Dense point clouds are the key elements in creating a 3D mesh from the original 2D footage. Denser 3D point clouds result in higher resolution, more detailed textures and improved precision.

Average processing scenarios​:


  • 367 photos covering approx. 240,000m2​
  • Low density dense point cloud of 13.9M points GSD of 0.34m processing time 1hr 21min​
  • High density dense point cloud of 27.0M points GSD of 0.02m processing time 2hr 39min​

Object Comparison Over Time

This feature allows you to monitor how an object changes with time and access valuable information for effective resource and workflow planning. ​It also enables you to monitor changes in stockpiles, including building and depletion.

Advanced Contour Line Drawing

With a wide range of options for operating with the contour lines, you can select whether to draw:

  • A set of contour lines by defining the necessary spacing between the lines;
  • Each contour line separately without the need to add spaces between different lines.

​Draw a separate contour line to showcase the needed level. This feature provides visibility at the specific element level. You’ll be able to easily drag it up and down, till you find the suitable height, add new contour lines one by one, highlight only those that you need, and measure the distance between the selected contour-lines.​

2D and 3D Measurements

Product:Datamine PixPro 1.6.1