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AspenONE Engineering Suite 12.2

AspenONE Engineering Suite 12.2

AspenTech, a global provider of software to optimize asset performance, announced the availability of the next version of aspenON software. Release V12.2 provides companies with additional sustainable development models and product capabilities that accelerate digitalization to support their sustainable development initiatives.

What\’s new in this release

The aspenONE V12 software now includes more than 50 models, including models to understand where production efficiency can be improved to meet CO2 reduction targets. Using these models, customers will be able to determine how to reduce emissions throughout the value chain, reduce energy, water and raw materials consumption, switch to other energy sources such as biofuels and hydrogen, and provide a closed-loop economy through processes such as plastic processing and turning waste into chemicals.

In addition to models for sustainable development, version V12 includes a number of upgraded products and capabilities designed to provide ease of use, accelerate business processes and actions for effective collaboration throughout the value chain. These include:

Aspen GDOTTM for Olefins – to optimize the entire olefin production area with closed-loop dynamic optimization, which improves energy efficiency, reduces CO2 emissions and increases profitability. An intuitive flow chart simplifies the construction, deployment, and maintenance of the model, and aligns planning with operations to optimize production.

Aspen Production Execution Manager (APEM) – for faster ordering, product quality and compliance. The APEM Mobile Web application provides mobility and touchscreen capability, enabling more accurate execution and faster performance with 5x faster optimized workflows.

Aspen Supply Chain Management (SCM) Insights is a cross-functional collaboration with stakeholders across the supply chain in the same universal work environment designed to digitally implement monthly sales and operations planning (S&OP) and integrated business planning (IBP) processes to achieve high business results.

Aspen Unscrambler – Faster and deeper analysis with pre-processing and batch data management capabilities, including significant speed improvements to accelerate the analysis of large amounts of data.

aspenONE is AspenTech’s comprehensive set of software solutions andservices. aspenONE products enable process industry companies to optimizetheir engineering, manufacturing and supply chain operations. As a result,AspenTech customers are better able to increase capacity, improve margins,reduce costs, become more energy efficient, and achieve operationalexcellence goals.

On November 5, 2020 the Aspen Technology company announced release of the 12th version of the software package aspenONE with support of artificial intelligence technologies and use of a cloud for universal corporate systems of data analysis.

The next version of aspenONE provides sustainable development, increase in security and income. Industrial AspenTech technologies allow to apply artificial intelligence in any industries where it can become a source of additional benefits. Release of this version — an important step on the way to implementation of the concept of self-optimization of the enterprise.

The software package aspenONE of the 12th version includes the technology of creation of hybrid models on the basis of artificial intelligence developed especially for the enterprises working in the field of processing industry and other capital-intensive industries. The solution Aspen Hybrid Models obtains data from all installations of the enterprise and creates exact complex models at the level of a production facility using artificial intelligence technologies, the basic principles of design and practical practices of AspenTech company in this area. In 40 years specialists of AspenTech accumulated extensive experience in creation of solutions for processing industry and other capital-intensive industries.

Solutions as a part of aspenONE of the 12th version will allow customers to apply artificial intelligence in the major operational processes without additional knowledge of data slicing pane and will help new users to get quicker into gear without comprehensive study of processes and production adaptation.

The enterprises of processing industries address digital transformation to increase efficiency of transactions and to accelerate innovations in response to growth of population and increase in requirements to sustainable development. Solutions as a part of the 12th version of aspenONE offer the enhanced accuracy of modeling, the improved means of the analysis and decrease in total cost of ownership. Thanks to it the enterprises will be able to adapt to the changing requirements of business and to involve the young specialists who are masterfully using digital technologies.

The V12.2 releases of Aspen Engineering offer exciting new functionality and key enhancements that further advance AspenTech’s products, helping customers to make faster decisions and operate more efficiently and profitably within the areas of engineering design, simulation, and optimization.


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