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Crosslight PICS3D 2020

Crosslight PICS3D 2020

PICS3D, Photonic Integrated Circuit Simulator in 3D, is a state of the art 3D-simulator for surface and edge emission laser diodes, SOA, and other similar active waveguide devices. The 2D/3D semiconductor equations (drift-diffusion, Poisson, etc..) are coupled to the optical modes in both lateral and longitudinal directions. Optical properties such as quantum well/wire/dot optical gain and spontaneous emission rates are computed self-consistently.

Starting from the 2016 version, the functionality of our 2D laser solver (LASTIP) has also been folded into PICS3D: this allows for easy simulation of laser devices without significant longitudinal effects and more flexibility for customers working on a variety of laser device designs.

Physical model

– Deep level defects and defect dynamics

– AC analysis model

– The k.p energy band model of valence band mixed quantum well

– Surface state and surface effect model

– Superlattice Carrier Transport Model

– 77K low temperature simulation model

– Multi-mode analysis model of light

– Depends on temperature, doping, electric field and stress

– Material parameter model with built-in variables

– Maxwell wave equation solver

Device application

– FP, DFB, DBR laser

– Vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs)

– Tunable laser

– Modulator

– Semiconductor Optical Amplifier (SOA)

– Super luminescent diode (SLED)

– Waveguide photodetector

– Photonic integrated device (EML)

Data output function

– Optical power current characteristics (L-I-V)

– 2D/3D electric potential, electric field and current distribution

– 2D/3D electron and hole distribution

– Energy band distribution under different voltages

– Quantum well wave function and band structure

– 2D/3D light intensity distribution

– 2D/3D local light gain distribution

– Multimode radiation spectroscopy

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