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ESRI ArcGIS Desktop v10.8.2

ESRI ArcGIS Desktop v10.8.2

ArcGIS Desktop is a desktop geographic information system with maximum functionality in the ArcGIS product line. It includes all the functionality of ArcGIS for Desktop Basic (ArcView) and ArcGIS for Desktop Standard (ArcEditor) and is expanded with additional tools for spatial analysis and data processing, as well as professional mapping tools. In the world of geographic information systems ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced (ArcInfo), \’de facto\’ is the GIS standard and is used every day in thousands of organizations to create, edit and analyze data.

What you can do with ArcGIS Desktop

Advanced analytics

Discover the world around you. Use scientific analysis tools to identify patterns, make predictions, and answer questions.

2D and 3D

The world is not flat. Your maps don\’t have to be either. Work in 2D and 3D to add dimension to your data so you can see the full picture.

Image processing

Drones, satellites, aerial, video, lidar, and more, ArcGIS Desktop provides powerful tools to manage and analyze imagery.

Advanced visualization

Use advanced cartography tools to visualize your data and create maps that are beautiful, interactive, and informative.

Connecting and sharing

Connect your work with the world. Integrate with a wide variety of web services and share your maps on the web, mobile apps, and social media.

Data management

Ensure authoritative data integrity and accuracy with a complete set of tools for storing, editing, evaluating, and managing all kinds of spatial data—including real-time and big data.

product:ESRI ArcGIS Desktop v10.8.2