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3Dsurvey v2.15

3Dsurvey v2.15

3Dsurvey is now able to export frames from video files and generate 3D models based on video frames. With the help of an improved algorithm, 3Dsurvey software now finds frames where the scene changed for more than 20%. This means you will get best end results even if you are not a video specialist and another great thing is that with the Automatic option, you don’t need to decide which N frames you will take (using every nth frame).

Capturing photos with your mobile phone can be overwhelming because you need to keep in mind the overlap between images and you always have to keep track of what you already did and what’s missing… Videos are more convenient – just press “record” and “stop” and you’re done! 3Dsurvey will take care of the rest. Our new version can be used as a super powerful tool for documenting sites like excavation for sewers, heating pipes, gas pipelines etc.. You can always check what’s underneath the (paved) surface later.


In previous versions, in case you had images from areas with bad texture, high forest areas or blurry images (due to low light conditions, bad weather, water areas and similar), bundle adjustment didn’t register those images. As a result you could not get enough images to create a complete area map. Great news – now you can!

With the improved bundle adjustment algorithm, the software now registers 40% more images with bad textures. We also improved the speed of the processing for bundle adjustment for more than 30%! Now, you don’t have to worry about low quality images anymore!

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